Domes Noruz


A new treat in Crete.

Domes Norez

Domes Noruz Chania, Autograph Collection, Chania, Greece

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If you follow me on instagram, you will remember that Matthew and I visited Domes Noruz as part of a trip to Greece in September. I haven’t been to Greece since my trip to Santorini back in 2014, so I was excited to return. I was delighted to find that after the school summer holidays ended the flights were affordable and the weather was still amazing. I think most years it would still be sunbathing weather in early October. Domes Noruz is a new hotel and it has the feel of a spankingly new luxurious experience. With everything from a sunset raw bar to an air-conditioned modern gym. The Hotel is designed to look like a modern interpretation of traditional greek villages, which gives the resort a lovely feel. It sits on a beach in Chania which although populated is not unattractively developed. Bright blue skies meet even more vibrant water right in front of the hotel. The hotel has two pools but each room has a little plunge pool too. Many of the larger rooms also have jacuzzis on their terraces. I loved the two floor rooms, with their private terraces. The rooms are modern, with novel sinks in the bedrooms. The very high ceilings give the rooms bright and light atmospheres and the staff are very helpful. I really enjoyed the food which was modern and reflected the region. I found it a really relaxing hotel to stay at, the emphasis was sun and calm. If you’re looking for a little end of the summer sun I would definitely recommend this hotel.

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A big thank you to Domes Noruz for hosting Matthew and I.