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Not only am I totally unqualified to rescue anyone from a lifeguards chair (even if I was in a swimsuit), but I’m also wear a gown and drinking a coconut. The only thing I’m on the look out for is the light. Maybe I can share a little of where I find it.

Sometimes all you need is a dress. An amazing dress.

Razan Alazzouni is the maker of dress dreams. I’ve known and worked with the wonderful women behind the brand for about four or five years now. They are just as charming as their brand and seeing them make feminine clothes for the woman inside all of us has been really uplifting. I think fashion has been through phases where it wasn’t necessarily ‘cool’ to be feminine. But…

I believe in the strength of women, the power of sisterhood and the energy that only women can know. The internet and social media can be a deep and dark space in places. I have always counted myself lucky to have found a supportive community of inclusivity, where we are all accepted as we are and positivity shines out. I’m so grateful to you reading this for your all too often unseen but critical support and for having the chance to meet women like Razan and her sisters, who have helped me create content that I hope lifts us all up and inspires everyone to be themselves.

The best version of you is the most authentic. There isn’t one way to do anything. Seek out the options, the opportunities. ¬†Be personal, be unique. The only things limiting you is yourself. I haven’t always been comfortable in front of the camera. Sometimes I wake up and just living my life scares me, but I know the only way I will grow is through challenging myself. I’m a work in progress but I try to train myself to feel nerves and anxiety as excitement rather than fear. It’s not that I’m not frightened, it’s that I do it anyway. I promise you wont regret doing the same.



I’m wearing Razan Alazzouni only.