All the photos on this site are original content, connected and created specifically for this platform.

Most of the photography seen here is produced by three people; Kit Lee (AKA styleslicker), Frances Davison and myself.

Nearly everything is shot using daylight (and very occasionally a reflector) nothing more, which helps to create the light natural photography style.

I use a Canon 5D Mark IV with mostly three L-series lenses; 24-105mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm. We occasionally also use a Sony ILCE5000L or a Fujifilm X-T2 with three lenses; 18mm, 35mm, 56mm, and a Zhiyun Crane V2 stabiliser gimbal for video making.

I shoot in raw and retouch as minimally as possible using Photoshop and Alien Skin Exposure.

The Photographers

Kit is a wonderful photographer I first met through friends on the Fashion Week rounds. We started working together in May 2013. Kit’s style is unique and feminine, which makes her a joy to work with. Since then we have collaborated on everything from food to fashion editorials, travelled together and become friends.

You can get in touch with Kit here! 

Frances is an incredible creative talent and photographer. I first met outside a show at Fashion Week when we were both much younger and she was running one of the first self style sites (happybecause), she asked for a photo of my outfit and the rest is history. She later moved to London and started shooting for the site in 2016. Frances also works as a stylist, writer and content creator for brands.

You can get in touch with Frances here!

Other photographers featured on this site include (but are not limited to); Victoria AdamsonCandice LakeEdward RixonJason Jean, Peter Navey,  Vanessa Jackman and on the rare occasion my husband and mother!