Masking in Lockdown

Three masks I fell in love with during Lockdown.

These three masks have become my bread and butter during lockdown.

As I haven’t had access to my full skincare routine or treatments for the last few months, I have found more than ever that masks have boosted my skin. I love these three because they have all helped to combat issues I’ve recently experienced.

Hormonal breakouts – with my body still settling down post baby I have noticed a change in my skin. I now often get hormonal breakouts each month at the same time in my cycle. The Eve Lom Rescue Mask is so good at zapping pimples and shrinking them right down. I find my skin is noticeably better the following day. I also love the fresh scent too.

Dry, flaky patchy skin – this is often the case for me in the winter months from the central heating and cold outside weather. My skin really benefits from warm weather and sun, so the winter is often more challenging. Often I find myself slathering on product just to keep the skin functioning. However the Moisture Mask from Eve Lom works wonderfully as a moisturiser and mask. I wear it thinly during the day and thicker at night and it really makes a difference.

Stressed worn-out skin – I think emotional and physical stress has been a big factor for us all this past year. I often see, by the end of the week, the amount I have done all over my face (with trying to balance work, childcare and caring for loved ones it has been challenging at times). The Cle de Peau Gold Mask really reboots the skin. Soothing,  plumping and calming it. I notice my skin looks glowy and fresh afterwards and the following days too. I also love the luxuriousness of this product – it’s very feel-good.

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