Make Up That Cares


A fresh start for a New Chinese New Year. Clinique and I are sharing a routine for skincare and make up that cares for your skin. Oranges always remind me of Chinese New Year. I used them for inspiration for this tutorial. I wanted it to be a fresh start for your skin and makeup routine. The new year is a great opportunity to start possitive new habits. This year think about how your skincare and make up routines care for your skin. Clinique is all about your skin.


Be Kind to your Skin

  1. Starting with a face wash on the Clinique face brush I wash my face for no more that 30 seconds with warm water (it’s important not to over use the brush or it will irritate not purify your skin).
  2. I get some redness around my nose and chin so I use a special moisturiser just on these areas, to calm the skin.
  3. Then across the whole face and neck, I add a great all round moisturiser. Working the product with the warmth of my hands into my skin.

Making a good Foundation

  1. Using a flat foundation brush, I apply CC cream across the cheeks, chin and nose.  With whatever remains on the brush across my forehead.
  2. Then I apply an undereye concealer with the same brush, pressing the product in.
  3. Following with a more brightening concealer, I add another light coat under the bottom of my dark circles (to bounce the light up) and bridge of the nose. Blending out with my finger.
  4. Using the dark Chubby contour stick, I lay down a light shadow under my cheekbones and temples and I blend out the cream product with my fingers.
  5. The highlight Chubby stick comes next, which I run over the top of my cheekbones, on the top of the brow bone and above the eyebrow on the outer edge. Again I find my fingers blend this out best.


  1. Using a yellow based powder and a large brush set your under eye concealer.
  2. Then with a transparent powder and the same brush, set the rest of your face. (The brush that comes with the powder is great for highlighting).
  3. Using the same big brush light blend out all the powders.

Bronze, Blush and Highlight

  1. I focus bronzer on under my cheekbones, the temples, under the chin and top of my forehead. Then a light dusting over the whole face.
  2. Then I use the blush to warm and balance my face. Blending across the bridge of the nose, temples and the apples of the cheeks.
  3. Using the lightest colour in the blush (it has a lovely shimmer), I set the cream highlight, on the tops of my cheeks, nose and cupids bow. I used the little brush that came with the powder.

Blending with your Fingers

  1. Using the liquid liner I volumsize my lashes by just filling in the lash line in the outer corner of the top lash.
  2. With my fingers I use the palest shade of eye shadow to highlight the center of my eye, patting to blend the product out.
  3. Then with another finger I use the mid-tone brown to contour my eye subtly. I press the product into the outer crease of my lid and pat to blend them again.
  4. Finally I curl my lashes and apply a couple of coats of Mascara.

And to finish

  1. I apply the liquid lipstick straight from the tube and as it dries I pat my finger across it to make the colour more subtle.
  2. Finishing with a good spritz of face spray to set my makeup and add a little moisture. (Feel free to repeat this set throughout the day to freshen your makeup back up).

Cleaning Brushes

I get so many questions about how to clean my brushes. A great way after every makeup application is by using a mouse or spray on a cotton pad or brush cleaning pad. Then I spray the brush on both sides with the cleaning spray and wipe it on the pad until it’s clean. It’s a great way to maintain your brushes between full washes and prevent breakouts.  Simple steps like this really help to care for your skin. Dirty brushes make dirty skin, which results in breakouts.

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