Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori

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When Gucci suggested we work together on a story around the Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori, I wanted to know more about the fragrance. What kind of woman would wear it? Scent is so personal, it’s all about you making something new and uniquely individual. The idea behind this fragrance was to represent female friendship, urban gardens filled with diversity and richness. I’ve never really worked with other bloggers to create content, but I wanted this editorial to share the feelings of feminine friendship and diversity that feel so close to my heart. I instantly thought of Sandra, the perfect opposite to me to share this story with. We have known each other for years now (we used to travel all over the place for fashion week and work trips together) and we always joke that we are opposite hair twins, yin and yang. She has such a beautiful strong identity and vision. It was lovely to finally be able to share a project. We shot this story in a Park in London. It looks like a wild woodland field, but really we were right in the centre of the city. I love that London has these hidden gems right in the centre of an urban environment.

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