The scent of bliss

Body & Bath
Hermes Eau de mandarine ambrée
Like a mandarin crushed in your hand

Plucked fresh from the tree, the leaves bouncing as the branch springs back into place. The mandarin is plump, shiny and ripe. The oil in the peel softens the tips of your fingers, you instinctively bring the fruit to your nose and breathe in the fresh sweet hum of the juice hidden within, but it mixes with your skin, fresh from the bath, lightly dressed in amber oil. The fresh citrus and the mellow depths of the amber mingle, giving you a momentary scent of bliss.

“I can think of no smell more joyful than mandarin, more mellow than amber.” Jean-Claude Ellena

I don’t fall in love with fragrances very often. I’m really picky about smells, sometimes it drives my husband wild (I dread to think what I would be like if I was ever pregnant and the sense was heightened even more). Sometimes I can’t bare to be in a lift or on a corridor after a  fragrance I don’t like has inhabited it. My feelings are equally intense in passion, as they are in dislike. This scent was one of the few I have discovered in recent years and fallen totally for. I wear it often and layer it with others. I suspect I am starting to wear too much, because I like it so much I mist it beyond liberally all over myself and my clothing. A solution to this, was Matthew’s incredibly generous present of the body and bath products with the same fragrance. They are the most luxuriously thing I have ever had in my shower! Every time the hot water meets the gel and invigorates the fragrance it brings me a moment of simple delight. This is truly a fragrance of joy for me.
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