Pom Pom Paradise


Tropical Paradise smells sweet.
It smells like AERIN’s Hibiscus Palm.

When I was in Mexico with AERIN I wanted to create a tropical editorial. The setting was so beautiful that it seemed silly not to do something special. So with the help of the AERIN team and my trusty photographer Kit.  We created this story.

I really hope you enjoy it, I have wanted to do something with umbrellas for a while and this just seemed like the perfect moment. The vibrancy of the fragrance and the location just came together.  Kit loved the beach hair. I always use the same wand to create messy curls but I think salt spray is really the key to making it have that texture. My dress was a Zimmerman find. Kit and I, the night before, assembled all the flower pompoms and with the help of some room service, made this floral umbrella. Sadly it was too big to bring home so I had to leave it at the hotel, but it was so fun while it lasted. To get us in the mood for the shoot, we spritz the fragrance on the pompoms, so throughout the shoot we had a reminder of the mood we were trying to capture.

Hibiscus Palm is perfect for a hot holiday fragrance (or for the summer months). With notes of Coconut, Vanilla and Musk layered on the vibrancy of Hibiscus Palm, Ginger, Ylang and Lotus Flower. The finish is floral peaks of White Blossoms and Frangipani. The combination of layers is much more complicated than other tropical fragrances with Coconut and Vanilla notes. It’s more sophisticated and floral, so that it doesn’t smell too like food or too sweet. Just the right amount of warmth.