Sexy Ruby

With notes of pepper, orange and vanilla... Sexy Ruby will make you feel on fire.

When I was asked to attend the events around the launch of Sexy Ruby I was so excited. Who wouldn’t be? By the prospect of getting all dolled up, having my hair done, having tea with the MK muses (all of whom turned out to be as lovely inside as they look on the outside) and finally attending a fabulous party at the Tate Modern to celebrate.

The fragrance itself comes in a gorgeous bottle, the liquid inside looks like oil, it’s so thick and lustrous through the red prism of the glass bottle.  Boldly luxurious, brilliantly faceted and glamoursly mesmerising. The top notes of the fragrance are raspberry, apricot, cabana and pepper.  These mingle withe mid notes of orange blossom absolute, indian jasmine samba and rose petals. Finally combined with the dry notes of moss crystal, cashmere woods and vanilla bean.

Ultimately this combination evokes a modern chypre fiery with sensuality. Emotive and rich in seduction, strength and glamour. Where fantasy meets femininity and a woman is her sexist. A boldly luxurious, brilliantly faceted and glamoursly mesmerising fragrance.