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Some of you know I have been working on my house for the last three years. Finally I have moved in, it’s been a long process and the builders are very much still snagging but I’m delighted to finally call my house my home. Now the decorating really begins. Painting the walls is really only the beginning. So I have teamed up with Desenio to share some ideas on how to use prints.

Desenio is a fabulous website that sells a huge selection of prints and frames. I have never used a site like this before, thinking they are both expensive and complicated. The opposite is true with Desenio, which means that you can actually afford to achieve a design look with the posters by ordering lots of them. I don’t think they look anywhere near as good as singles. They even give you tips on how to hang your prints. I also love Pinterest for inspiration grouping frames.

As you can see in the images I chose prints for my tv snug and kitchen. I went for three distinct groups of prints. The Leaves (Banana, Palm, Tamaring and Fern) for the tv snug. I loved the green alongside my shocking pink sofa. You can find other botanical prints too. Then in the Kitchen I thought it was fun to have two sets. The blue themed ones (Feathers, Sea view, Paint and Fern) and the black and white graphic collection (London Map, Beef Cuts, Dancing Kitchen). But the options on Desenio are endless so it’s worth looking around one lazy afternoon. I love how easy it was to choose frames too. I used three types (Gold Frame, Black Frame and Oak Frame) which reflected both the prints and the room they where going into. I love how well the gold frames went with my polished brass taps in the Kitchen.

I know we have talked about my house quite a bit on Snapchat (find me as ‘peonylim’) but this is the first time I have shared it on this site. It’s very much a work in progress still, with curtains and pieces of furniture missing still in some rooms. You can probably tell from these images, I have very traditional interior taste, I love Charlotte Moss’s work and John Fowler, so everything in the house is very much inspired by that kind of interior. I ordered my kitchen over three and a half years ago now. So finally to cook in it is amazing. I hope you like it as much as I do. You will be seeing more of it in the food content from now on.