Nectarine Amaretto Custard Pots

Cold PuddingSweet

These ridiculously simple and delicious pots are perfect for a weekday dinner parties when you want to impress but don’t want the stress.

What you'll need
Makes 4

4 Amaretto cookies
1 Tub of best shop-bought Fresh Custard
3 Nectarines (or 5 Apricots)
2 Tbsp Caster Sugar


Welcome to the first recipe in my new kitchen! This is probably the easiest thing to make I have ever published. Although with a bit more time and skill you can replace the shop-bought-custard for home made. Which is slightly more time consuming but very doable. The key being, to heat it very slowly on a low heat, and stir constantly. However I think the best quality shop bought custard from local deli’s is almost as good (in London I love Daylesford and The Grocer for this kind of product. But M&S, Waitrose an Tesco all do a better quality custard option which is normally pretty good too).  I’m not into boozy puddings, but if you are, add a generous dash of apricot liquor to the puree after cooking for an extra kick of flavour.  These puddings will keep well for half a day or so, cling filmed in the fridge, so you can make them in the morning ready for supper that night. They are much more flavoursome (as all fruit is) as room temperature so do get them out in time for them to warm up. They are so fast to make I personally like them fresh when the cookies still have a little bite. I got these gorgeous glasses from Anthropologie.