Wavy Hair Aussie Babe Tutorial

My go to hair style this year. It's inspired by that perfected careless aussie beach babe look.

I wanted to create this video after I got so many requests on Instagram. It’s actually a copy of my friend Steph’s hair. She has the Blonde hair of dreams. Which somehow looks perfect all the time. Even when we went camping for the weekend it lasted the whole time flawlessly (I can tell you the rest of us didn’t!). So I endeavoured to recreate the look on my own hair. This style is the result and I have been wearing my hair non-stop like this all year.  This is what it looks like when it’s dropped out a bit. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel and turn the alerts on, so you can see my video’s first!

You will need

Paddle Brush


Heat Protector

Salt Spray

GHD Tong

If you have shorter or lighter textured hair you should use this tong.

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