Ok so I know this may see like a narcissistic post at first, I promise thats not the point at all.
I think it is awesome how much you can change how you look with hair and make-up alone.
People have seen pictures of me at different times and said – ‘I cant believe thats you!’ – which is amazing. After all we are working with the same raw materials every day, but with a little artistic licence – and lack of self conciousness – you can completely change how you look with some pretty easy steps.
Step 1. Focus on the eyes.  
Some people say your eyes frame the rest of your face.  This can definitely be true, especially if you make them the centre of the action. Recently I had a pretty dull weekend, but I had a model friend and pete with me, so we decided that we would have a little fun with some picture taking. Maya – said model friend – decided she would style me and pete would take the pictures.  She did this… HELLO awesomely crazy eyebrows!

Step 2. If you haven’t got it fake it!
Hair is the most consistent thing about your appearance.  For most of us, it is the thing we change the least day to day – which is why I only go to one hairdresser and have had the same cut for the past 3 years –  and it can therefore be the thing that makes the most impact when it is changed.
Awhile ago I did a shoot for a Japanese designer in Morocco.  This is one of the pictures from it.  I have really long hair, but the hair stylist wrapped it around and around and then put a wig cap on, so that this red one could replace it.
I look pretty unrecognisable, and although it is definitely not a look I will be moving towards in the future, it is fabulous how different I look.  What would you look like with a totally different hair style and colour? What would you try for a day?

Step 3. Make them come to you.
Lips are meant to be the most seductive part of the face and the part men look at the most. Red lips are particularly effective – supposedly. More importantly they can totally change the balance of your face. The action moves to the lower half and draws attention away from the rest of your appearance – quite good when having an off day, which lets face it we all have.

Photo by Michelle Bobb-Parris

Step 4. Take it to the extreme.
I just love any opportunity to dress up and this includes costumes… go figure! A recent halloween I went to a party as Marie Antoinette’s ghost – bit of a stretch for a mixed race girl.  I got blue contacts for the occasion, and they were the most fun! People were so freaked out by them, because they were so used to my usual very dark eyes. I know this is not a trick for the faint hearted but I do recommend giving it a go for fun if you are willing. The only downside was that it made me think my real eyes were terribly boring!

I know these are some extreme examples but it is a true concept and so much fun to play around with.  To get some fabulous inspiration from the finest have a look through the book ‘Model as Muse’ produced by the Met. The book looks at different famous models as interpreted by different people, a lovely lazy afternoon read.
Happy transformations kittens… let me know your funniest, most dramatic and wild transformations!
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