Staying in good condition


I have had a few requests of late about my hair… I thought I would begin by saying – YES IT IS REAL! I have totally virginal hair – meaning it has never had extensions, perms or dye. It has only ever been cut and thats it. I am mixed race, so I think that probably means I have a slightly different texture to my hair than most people. It isn’t the thickest, or shiniest hair I have ever seen but it is pretty good condition.  You can find all the products I use on my hair here!

Haircare Tips
  1. Dont get extensions. I dont have extensions, nor would I, I think wigs are better for your natural hair, so if mine ever fell out – god forbid – then I would rock a wig. Extensions tend to damage your real hair by pulling it out and breaking it close to the root. If you must have extentions, get the clip in ones, and only wear them now and then, not everyday. Think Britney Spears vs Beyonce.
  2. Remember to brush. Like your teeth brush your hair twice a day. It is really essential to keeping your hair from matting and breaking. Vanessa Jackman did a post on me and how odd I am for this twice daily habit, but I promise it is a small thing that can make a big difference. Keep your hair brush by your tooth brush and then it will all become an easy habit. I swear by the Mason Pearson brushes.
  3. Use a conditioner. I think the best conditioners are made by Aussie, Tigi and Fudge, although when I cant get these and I am desperate I always reach for Pantene as it is stocked nearly everywhere and does what it says on the tin. I squeeze out the water from my hair after shampooing and then put the conditioner in, I rub it through the lengths and then leave it in while I wash my body. This gives it a good amount of time to sink in before I wash it out.
  4. Dont leave it in. Most people make the mistake of not washing their hair properly. Dont be tempted to leave any trace of shampoo or conditioner in your hair. It will not make it cleaner or softer. The chemicals will just leave a nasty coating on the hair that will stop it from being shinning and soft.
  5. Elasticizer that stuff. I LOVE Love LOOOOVEE Phillip Kingsley products. They are expensive, so I tend to buy them when they are on offer or sale in bulk. I swear by the Elasticizer, you put it into wet hair and leave for 15 mins, and then wash it out with water followed by your regular shampoo. I also like to dampen my hair and put the product throughout, put a towel around and sleep with it in. It really changes the quality in your hair if you leave it in for that long.
  6. Dont burn that! NEVER EVER burn your hair. What I mean is, never tong, or straighten your hair everyday, dont even do it every time you wash it. Your hair is like your skin, it needs some alone time to breath, and if you style it all the time, it wont ever be in good condition. Thats just a fact. I can actually feel when I have styled my hair too much. When I feel it, I stop and leave my hair to air dry for a couple of washes. If you are worried about how your hair will look when its not styled, work a fun up-do or fabulous hat! So these are the rules I abide by, I hope they help you out, and give you long shinny locks. Let me know if you have any fab hair tips of your own!