How to have your fantasy hair. After a personal hair loss journey, Monpure has been an incredible support back to long healthy hair.

Monpure is a beautiful brand that I have found huge comfort in over the last year or so. Ever since my hair loss journey began two years ago, I have been searching for haircare brands that genuinely help with hair density and health. Hair loss in women isn’t something that we tend to talk about much, but it’s hugely prevalent and many of us will have had personal experiences of it. Mine began when I wanted to have a child, the hormonal journey of conceiving, carrying, and feeding a child takes its toll – (even on my previously resilient hair). My hair was historically a signature part of how I looked – thick luscious, un-dyed or permed. I really thought of it as an identifier of who I was. Losing it was like stripping away part of my personality and huge sections of my confidence. By the end of my hair loss experience I’d lost more than 2/3 of my hair. I’m happy to report that I’m now in a normal hair growth cycle, and my hair now sheds and regrows in a normal pattern. And despite having to cut my hair quite aggressively to the shortest length I’d ever had as an adult, it has now re-grown and is close to the length I had before. The lower layers are not as thick as they once were, as the hair is still regrowing to that length. But just having long hair again has made me so happy. I’m telling you all of this to make it clear that I’ve had a personal experience of hair loss and understand if you’re going through it.

That’s why I can recommend Monpure wholeheartedly, because it really is what I used in my darkest hour. Alongside a few other brands (you can find my IGTV here that covers the full routine) these products really did bring my hair back to life. I’m so proud to be working with them, a brand that I truly believe in. For me the products that are really heroes are the serums, mask and scrub – because they take such care over where the hair all begins, your scalp. Starting at the scalp is really the only way to make enduring difference to your hair health and quality. I have really noticed that in taking better care of my hair as it grows, I have been able to grow my hair faster, with fewer breaks and splits. Below I will talk you through these products and how they could help you.

Image Left: Before.   Image Right: After!

Clarifying Scalp Scrub

The Clarifying Scalp Scrub takes away flaky dead skin and helps with dandruff and psoriasis, while rejuvenating the scalp-skin with healing shea butter and argan oil. It has a light clean fragrance, and leaves no residue in the hair or scalp. It lathers up to nice bubble and leaves your scalp and hair feeling cool and clean.

Nourish and Stimulate Scalp Mask

The Nourish and Stimulate Scalp Mask helps scalp health by ‘feeding’ hair follicles and skin cells with essential vitamins and nutrients, creating the optimum environment for hair growth. Also perfect for those with itchy scalp and redness, discomfort and sun damage. It has a gel cream texture and a fresh fragrance. It’s easy to apply and spread throughout the head and easy to rise out. A simple step to add in the shower or bath.

Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum

This is the product that started the brand, the Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum works to stimulate the scalp, improve cell turnover and prevent hair loss and thinning. Perfect for those suffering hair loss or thinning. I used this every other wash. It has a thicker, creamy texture, but soothes and cools the scalp as you apply it. I didn’t find it made my hair any more greasy either. I love the smell of it too, soft ginger.

Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum

The Hydrate and Soothe Scalp Serum is an intense, anti-inflammatory solution for quenching very dry, irritated scalp-skin, as well as soothing rough patches. If you suffer from seasonal scalp irritation (I know I do as soon as the seasons change every year) this is a great problem solving product. It can help calm symptoms of redness, acne, eczema, sun damage and general stress on the scalp. It has a lighter serum texture than the Follicle Boost but smells equally great.

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