Petworth Sussex


Petworth is a lovely town in West Sussex, filled with the kind of english charm you wish you could bottle. The cobbled streets and town square will totally seduce you. Even on the wet winter day I visited, it was perfection.


Petworth, United Kingdom

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Petworth, United Kingdom

Petworth has antique shops at every turn, a national trust house, Turner painted surroundings and delightful cafes to soak it all in from.  It’s the perfect place for a weekend away. Only an hour and half from central london by car, the last half an hour of which is spent driving from picturesque town to pretty vista. You can enjoy the whole town on foot, exploring the pedestrian only streets which are the most lovely.  I must have visited every antique shop and just when I was tired, a lovely cafe welcomed be in with a custard tart. If that’s not old England, I don’t think I know it.