Passionfruit Cucumber and Gin Sling

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With winter drinks parties coming, I wanted to do a few party food inspiration pieces. So the first is this little fruity cocktail with a kick. I love the rich smell of the Gin Mare gin so thats what I used here.

What you'll need
Makes 2

1 inch of Freshly Grated Ginger
4 Springs of Mint
½ Cucumber, diced and peeled
½ Cup of Passionfruit Juice
¼ Cup of Gin (I used Gin Mare)
1 Passionfruit, halved for decoration



  1. Using a potato peeler, make four peels of the half cucumber. Then roll the up to make little cylinders.
  2. With the remaining half of the Cucumber, dice it and add it either to the food processor or a metal bowl.
  3. To this add the Mint and grated Ginger. Then either blitz or smash the mix with a pestle.
  4. To this mix add the Passionfruit Juice and Gin. Stir throughly and then strain into a jug.
  5. Pour into your chosen glass and then top with a halved Passionfruit and the Cucumber cylinders.