Christmas is Coming at Selfridges

Nothing says Christmas more than a dog on your lap by the fire with lots of yummy treats. This year I will be stuffing my face with the Selfridges Christmas Food Hamper.
Selfridges Christmas Hamper Peony Lim Dachshund Fire
Selfridges Hamper Peony Lim
Selfridges Christmas Food Hamper
Selfridges Christmas Hamper Peony Lim Fireplace

Christmas is all about loved ones and food for me. I always spend Christmas with my family and our plans are entirely centred around food. Even when friends come to stay and ask what to bring, I always say something edible. So for me the perfect Christmas present is a delicious hamper. This year Selfridges is nailing the hamper game.

Their beautiful Christmas Hampers are filled with delicious delights. The Christmas Hamper I have featured here included; champagne, wine, jam, chocolates, biscuits, tea, coffee, christmas pudding and much much more. Naturally I don’t have all those things left (because I ate them during and after the shoot – I just couldn’t resist!).

Anyway I just thought it would be a bit of fun to get the girls involved. I have to say they really did me proud. I filmed them in action for my family and they couldn’t believe how well behaved they were. Treats were only used for the last shot, they just got into the spirit of things up until then. They loved having the fire going, they love the heat, although it definitely made them fall asleep by the end.


Selfridges Food Hamper Dachshunds
Selfridges Hamper Christmas Decorations
Selfridges Hamper Fire Fireplace
Selfridges Christmas Food Hamper Packaging
Selfridges Hamper Champagne
Selfridges Hamper Christmas Pudding
Selfridges Hamper Christmas Panatone
Selfridges Hamper Christmas Chocolate Coins
Selfridges Hamper Peony Lim Christmas Fireplace Decoration
Selfridges Hamper Christmas Peony Lim Dachshund
Selfridges Hamper Christmas Decorations
Selfridges Hamper Dog
Selfridges Hamper Christmas Chocolates
Selfridges Hamper Gold Coins
Selfridges Hamper Peony Lim
Selfridges Hamper Peony Lim Fire Christmas Dog Decorations
Selfridges Hamper dachshunds
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Selfridges Hamper Fire embers
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