A Right Royal Time

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On the day of the Royal Wedding I hosted a brunch for all my best gfs to come over and watch, eat and drink together.  I loved the Royal Wedding, much to my surprise. I had tears in my eyes - probably because we had been drinking since 9am, but whatever it was emotional and about love.
I loved all the pomp and ceremony, england really does get that bit spot on, plus I was so happy that Sarah Burton did the dress, no one else would have satisfied me! I also loved Pippa's dress (I mean the buttons down the back were amazing!), she looked fabulous, and I thought it really showed the love between the girls that Kate was happy and wanted Pippa to look so amazing on her big day.
Brunch Party Menu

Mini Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagels

Mini Croque Monsieur

An Assortment of French Pastries

Strawberry and Raspberry Champagne Cocktails

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