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Fake tan is probably the most controversial beauty product I use.  It can go so wrong. I mean just horrifically so. Everyone has seen the aftermath of a friend’s unfortunate  collision with said products, palms stained, streaks palpably visible. I think the best way to avoid such a debacle is to use a product you trust. Which means finding one that suits your skin tone.  Anything that comes in an orange bottle should be avoided unless umpa lumpa chic is your thing.

I recommend two brands, the classic Saint Tropez (which is great on a multitude of skin tones but works very well on paler skin tones as it has a brown not orange base), and Clarins (which gives a richer colour for mid to darker skin tones and is warmer).

There are also a couple of rules I always abide by to ensure a flawless natural looking tan.

  1. Never ever put fake tan onto unwashed, un-exfoliated or un-moisturised skin. Have a shower and give yourself a good scrub, then follow it with a simple moisturiser (unscented in essential so that it doesn’t react with the tan chemicals), I use E45. Make sure you do your palms thoroughly, as it will create a protective layer between them and the shameful orange palm situation.
  2. Apply one product throughout .  Never mix them. It can lead to a chemical combination disaster that will look like a toxic spill all over your thighs!
  3. Apply the fake tan liberally, then give it a few minutes to absorb. Now the  most  important of all the stages ;  BUFF YOUR SKIN !  I use a big cotton wool pad for this. When I say ‘buff’ I mean take the pad and lightly rub it over your skin. This will take off the extra product , ensuring an even all-over colour and avoiding those dreaded streaks.
  4. WASH YOUR HANDS! Go and get some proper soap and wash them at least three times after your your application is over.
  5. I do all of this before bed and then put on loose dark pjs to sleep in. I shower the next morning to remove the product and reveal my new tan!
  6. Moisturise everyday after fake tanning, it helps to make the tan fade naturally and not in speckles.
  7. Finally if your a first timer or bad luck tanner, make sure you use a product that shows the colour as you put it on. I love Clarins for its fool proof nature and great smell. You can’t go wrong if you can see the colour going on.  I promise .

I personally love Clarins for fake tan. They have a great variety of products for different depths of tan and tanning experience.

The products

Delicious Self Tanning Cream (my fav and the one in the large pot), Instant Smooth Self Tanning (the little pot, which has a great texture) and Liquid Bronze Self Tanning (for faces and delicate areas, this product is a white cream so not great for beginners).

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