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There are a lot of denim customisation projects out there on the web-a-sphere. Some are great some are not so. I love denim and live at least half my life in it. So I’m always keen to make sure it’s just right. I don’t like projects that are too crafts-ie and I hope this simple DIY will only add a classic personal touch to your favourite jeans. I have used printed fabrics here, but it would be fabulous in leather, suede or another denim.

What you'll need

A pair of Jeans
Selection of patchwork fabric (I used Liberty Print)
Thermoweb or Bondaweb (iron on adhesive)
A print out of your Letters


Prepare your Fabric

  1. Cut out the amount of fabric you will need, approximated 15cm square.
  2. Then cut your Bondaweb to match.
  3. Using an iron on a medium setting attach the Bondaweb to the back of the fabric.
  4. Allow the fabric to cool and set.

Copy your Letters

  1. Peel the paper backing off your fabric, leaving a little still attached.
  2. Place it over the text of letters you want to copy, with the inside down. This will ensure your letters come out the right way on the fabric.
  3. Using a pencil trace off your letters.
  4. If your lines are a bit vague use a sharpie to fill it in and smooth out the lines.
  5. Take your iron again and reseal the paper back onto the fabric (this makes cutting the letters out easier).
  6. Finally take your sharpest scissors and cut your letters out as neatly as possible. The cut edges will be your finished edges.

Iron On

  1. Peel the paper backs off the letters carefully.
  2. Place the letters in your pre-decided arrangement and straighten them up to make sure they are level.
  3. You can use pins to hold them in place.
  4. Fix them onto your jeans with a medium setting iron. Try not to glide the iron as it will move the letters, just place it on top and pat.
  5. Allow to cool and re-iron to be sure of the fix.
  6. You will be able to wear and wash your jeans as normal now.
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Thank you

Thank you Current Elliot and Liberty’s for providing these amazing jeans and fabric samples for me to use!