DIY Gucci Inspired Feather Jeans

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I found this old Gucci ad on Pinterest and it made me think how much I missed Tom Ford there, so in an attempt to bring him back, I though I would create a little DIY project in honour of these jeans.  Although there are quote a few steps to this tutorial it really is easy and can be done with no sewing skills at all.  I hope you will give it a go.  The point of the velcro is to allow you to still wash the jeans, by being able to remove the feathers. However if this doesn’t seem that important to you skip steps 8-11 and just attach the feathers directly onto the jeans.

What you'll need

A pair of old Loose fit (boyfriend fit) jeans
Approximately 75cm of Feather Trim (available here)
a Pencil
1m White or Brown Ribbon

For Bonding

Bondaweb Strips (sometimes used for fast hemming)
Fabric Glue
Large Paper Clips
Greaseproof Paper
An Iron


A sewing machine
White Thread

  1. Cut your velcro into for strips. You now need to attach it to the jeans, you could hand stitch this or use a machine, if sewing isn’t your  thing not to worry take your bondaweb strips and iron them onto the velcro (using a low heat) and then pin and iron then on to the jeans.
  2. Now you want to trim the feathers with ribbon, take the ribbon and face both sides of the top of the feathers with it.  Again you could hand stitch this top and bottom of the ribbon or do the same with a sewing machine but if you want the stitch free version use fabric glue between the ribbon layers and use paper clips to hold it in place while it dries.
  3. If sewing, now stitch the other side of the velcro to the ribbon on the feathers. If not, use the glue (or I bought adhesive velcro) to attach the other side. Always put the velcro onto its twin on the jeans then pin the feather over this so make sure the angles and spaces is right before you permately attach them, and your done.
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