The Secrets Behind My Instagram Account

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Recently I have been getting requests on Instagram for the photo apps I use on my images.  Originally when I joined Instagram I only used their filters, but with time I wanted effects that they didn't offer and so I went in search of apps to create the effects I wanted.  So my secrets are out now. I hope they help you to create your perfect Instagram images. At the time Kit and me had a discussion about it, and interestingly (she uses a Samsung Galaxy and I use an iPhone) we ended up liking different apps, so I think there is an element of personal choice and device choice involved. So everything I recommend, is purely from my own experience on my trusty iPhone.

I’m so addicted to this first app, I find it almost impossible not to use it before posting an image. Once you’ve seen the improvement it can have on iPhone shot image, you’ll feel lazy not using  it every time.

PS Express.

I use the custom levels on this app to change exposure, brightness, saturation, everything really to get the image to look exactly how I want it to.

They do have preset filters and frames which can me fun although I don’t ever end up using them.

I also use this app to get rid of graininess from images shot in low light and smooth skin (I use the reduce noise option for this).
I’ve found this the best all-rounder straight-up photo editor.

The next apps are really more specific, for when you want to create a certain look to an image.