My Favorite Photographer


When I see good editorial, I think wow I wanna be that girl… actually more than that… I WANT those clothes, and take me to that fairy land right now. Well no one does fairyland photography quite like Mr Tim Walker. I just LOVE his work. I think he is a genius. I went to his exhibition at the design museum in London a couple of years ago and they had all the props from his most famous shoots… like the massive glove! It was fabulous… So I thought I would share some my favourite photographs with you.

When I was at the exhibition I really wanted to buy his beautiful book, its huge and glossy and just inspires that child like – ‘I WANT IT!!!!’ – however as with all things book-like and wonderful it was terribly expensive and I just couldn’t justify it.

However I am lucky enough to have fabulous friends… and my next birthday the wonderful Row – of PRP – gave it to me!!!
I say I have wonderful friends – as in plural – because another wonderful and life long friend of mine, Toma, recently managed to have the book signed… she was working with Mr Tim Walker at a telephones length and managed to get the book to him to sign!!!
So you see me and Mr Walker have been bound by his lovely book and my amazing friends.