I think this is quite a masculine look even for me. But I like a bit of variation, and despite my extra long hair I am not much of a girlie girl.
I love these leather trousers, they are so warm in the winter, and they are butter soft. However the first few wears were interesting – you have to wear in leather trousers, like shoes, so buy a little tight as they will give – I couldn’t bend my knees!!! ahhaaha
What makes me love these trousers even more, is the diamond in the ruff aspect. I bought them from TKMAXX for £20 and they were the only pair. It was like we were fashion soul mates! 
Hat from Pure Collection (HERE!), Jumper from Zara, Coat Vintage, Necklace gift from Pete Navey, Trousers from TKMAXX, Shoes from Red Pedder.
Have a happy weekend kittens!
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