The Banyan Tree – Maldives


As you know I love the Maldives. On my recent trip I returned to a resort I have been to before, actually B.PL (aka before!  I love this little island because it’s so private and small. There are only 6 rooms (designed like luxury safari tents) on the whole island and the whole thing is wrapped in beach and reef. Every room has it’s own pool and immdieate access to the beach.

The island still has a very natural feel to it which is lovely and all the staff are charming and very discreet.  This is the perfect resort for the private person, if you don’t want to see anyone for your whole trip.  I spent my days, reading, sunbathing, swimming, walking the beach endlessly beach combing and looking for sea turtles.  There was a lovely little chap that came at lunchtime like clock work to say hello. His little head popping above the water.

Sadly from what I could tell looking at the Banyan Tree website this resort (Madivaru) is now closed, so I literally revisited in the nick of time.

However there are always new resorts to be found in the Maldives, so let me know if you have any recommendations!