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I recently went to the Maldives.  My favourite resort destination.  Everything in the Maldives looks like paradise, like a more perfect version of what your wildest fantasies could imagine.  The sand is so white it's like a huge sheet of white silk, so fine and soft you never get sick of it (and I'm not a big sand person - I hate it in my hair). I stayed at the Banyan Tree Madivaru.  It's a tiny island with only six rooms (more of that in future posts).  These photos were taken on the beach just outside our room.  We bought the Kebaya Top while in Singapore the week before.

Shorts vintage Levis (from ebay), Kebaya Top from Arab Street in Singapore, Bra Princesse Tam Tam and Hat Lock and Co.

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  1. Pray says:

    Beautiful pictures! I especially adore how you styled the kebaya which is a traditional garb originating from Indonesia, which is where I’m from. Women here wear it all the time for special occasions such as weddings and the sort. You look lovely in it!

  2. Adele says:

    What a gorgeous top! You look stunning in these shots Peony.
    So glad you loved the Maldives, I’ve been a couple of times & it really is paradise & pure luxury. Did you snorkel? The marine life is beyond amazing.
    Hugs xoxo

  3. Gita says:

    Such beautiful and dreamy photos! It really is a fantasy! I automatically clicked this post when I saw that top you were wearing. It’s originally from Indonesia, but that kind of Kebaya is usually made in Bali, Indonesia. They have unlimited varieties of embroidered kebayas. In fact, I have one that’s similar to yours! I think I’ll be wearing it this way next time. Thank you for the inspiration!

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