The Secret that’s on my lips


After a long wait here it is…  The Red Lipstick Post.  I never gave much thought to my red lipstick. Mostly because I think beauty is so personal. Its really important to go and try lipsticks on (this can be quite messy so I just turn the lipsticks out almost full length and then hold them in front of my mouth to tell if the tone is right for my skin, only if I think it is do I actually put it on).Your skin tone and hair colour play a huge role in what kind of red you should go for. Broadly speaking I would say if you’re fair and blonde go for a more orange red, if you’re dark and olive go for a more plum.  However thats just the opposites on the spectrum, if like me you have a yellow skin tone look for more blue reds, while if you’re darker go more pink. Think of it as a sliding scale in four directions, with orange, blue, brown and pink at the ends. But don’t feel too restricted by these guides, thats all they are, a starting point.

Even within the colours that suit you there is a huge variation in what you can wear.  In this post I have included all of the lipsticks you could ever have seen me in. This is the complete spectrum of colours I wear. All the way from pale pink to dark plum.

I don’t want to play favourites but if I had to choose only two colours I would go with Tom Ford Quiver (a pale pink) and Cherry Lush (a bright red). I think Tom Ford lipsticks are the best in terms of comfort. Red lipsticks tend to be quite thick because of the colour and therefore can be quite dry after a few hours of wear, but Tom Ford lipsticks are very moisturising and have a lovely shine to them without glitter (which I’m not mad about).

From Left to Right…

Nars Roman Holiday, Tom Ford Quiver 03, Tom Ford Flamingo 08, Max Factor Ruby Tuesday 715, Chanel New York Red 60, Tom Ford Cherry Lush 10, Nars Red Lizard, Tom Ford Bruised Plum.

Art work by me.