Seasonal Beach – Stripes


The final outfit from my Seasonal Beach Series (white dress, navy, chino) covers everyones favourite seaside companion, the breton top. I’m obsessed with stripes. I have about 15 different striped tops, which are all different. Navy, black, red and grey, with a white panel at the top, without, long sleeved, short, cropped and long bodied. I don’t think I have ever met a boy that understood the need for all these varieties, although every girl I know totally gets it. It must be a girl thing.  This top has a lovely thick cotton which is perfect for an evening bbq on the beach when you want a bit of warmth.

Although finding a good pair of denim cutoffs can be equally challenging. I always buy a size much too big so they fall onto my hips not my waist. If I wanted waisted I would buy a 26-27, but for the hips I go to a 31-32. It means they are more relaxed and less ‘sexy’. Vintage or reclaimed ones are the best, the washes are so pale.

What I'm Wearing

Denim Jacket Gap

Striped top Petit Bateau (gifted)

Denim Cutoffs Levis Asos

Shoes Chanel

Bracelets Monica Viander.

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