Silver Jeans

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My second to last Metallic outfit of the series (catch up with the Gold Dress, Silver Biker, and Silver Sandals). This time looking at metallic jeans. You might remember way back when I wore these jeans to PFW.  At that time 'trend' denim wasn't really so much of a thing (and as you know I'm not much for trends anyway). Instead I bought the jeans because they reminded me of Bowie.

By buying these jeans I’ve learnt several lessons about owning and wearing silver jeans.

One: never ever wash the jeans, whatever the care label says that silver will never be the same post wash, it’s a dry clean only situation.

Two: don’t over do it. I only wear my silver jeans with grey, black and white. Anything else you look insane.

Three: never underestimate the casual nature of metallics, wear them down not up.  That way you will look like a off-duty rockstar not an Xfactor extra.

I hope these little pointers will help. I wish I had know at least about the washing thing before I had bought a pair!

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