Crystallised Flowers and Berries


If you’ve been following this site for a while you will already have seen the Crystallised Blueberry recipe I decorated my Strawberry Ruffle Cake with. This recipe is a progression on from that. It really uses the same process (with a little more care). I have also since experimented with the kinds of berries you can use. In my experience they need to have a lightly waxy skin. Fruit like blueberries, currants, gooseberries, grapes, figs and physalis work really well. You can find a list of edible flowers to work with here.  Flowers take their flavour from their fragrance so Lavender has a strong flavour while Rose is more subtle (but stronger from a scented rose).

What you'll need
Crystallised Flowers and Berries

1 small egg white
1 cup of Granulated
Sugar Selection of edible flowers; Lavender, Rose petals and Elderflower
Selection of Berries; Gooseberries and Redcurrant’s

I love these natural jewels to decorate everything from cakes to puddings.

Important Tips
  • Choose flowers that are as fresh and firm as possible.
  • Use powdered egg white if your feeding delicate tummies (children, pregnant women and the elderly), also you can keep them up to a year if you make them with powdered egg whites.
  • Store them in an open container to keep them crisp.
  • Always make a few extra as they can be delicate and you will be upset if you break one. Plus you can’t have to many.

Take the egg white and use a fork to loosen it (don’t create any bubbles doing this).


Take you chosen flower or berry with tweezers and using a small brush moving carefully but briskly brush the whole thing lightly with egg white and then pour the sugar over the top with a spoon. Completely coat and then leave on a sheet to dry.


They will take at least an hour to dry. Then they are ready to use. Although you can make them a few days in advance.

A great video guide with a retro tv feel is here from Martha Stewart.

If this is all too much for you, I totally understand and you can buy them pre-made here.