Wrapping up Christmas

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I love Christmas... it is such a beautiful and happy time of year.  Although I love presents - who doesn't? - I  love the decorations and food even more.  What would christmas be with out turkey, stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, crispy potatoes, cranberry and white chocolate cookies, christmas cake, brandy butter and all the cheese one can eat!  My mother does christmas better than any other person I have ever met! She truly is gifted in terms of aesthetics and design.  I learnt all I know from her, and I hope she can teach me so much more.
Wrapping Tips
  1. Change it up every year.
  2. I think it is important that you make the present look as exciting wrapped as it is inside, after all you will have to look at it under the tree for a while. I like to pick a theme… for example in the past I have done brown paper and gold ribbon, red and white, silver and gold, and other combinations.
  3. I wrap all my presents with the same paper etc, that way they can easily be seen as ‘my presents’ when the person unwraps it.
  4. Always double wrap your presents with tissue then paper… that way the anticipation is hightened, and the present looks ever more beautiful.
  5. Use raffia.  It is inexpensive verses ribbon and looks beautiful, pick matching or opposite colours so the textures look wonderful too. And do not skimp!!!! Make sure you use lots, and it can also be used in combination with ribbon to make both go further.
  6. Learn to tie a proper bow. You can also do this when the ribbon is already attached to a present!  It just makes a much better bow than the regular method… trust me.
  7. Add an Accessory… a charm, or flower – fake or real – can really lift a present to the next level!
  8. Buy card Luggage tags from a stationer, and use them as labels, they look simple and chic and are much cheaper.   So here are some pictures of my presents this year… hope you like them!