Love in Idleness

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At this time of year, every year, I think how beautiful the bluebell woods are. I feel like I'm always in search for the perfect blue carpeted haven. Sheets of blue under the trees. It's pure magic. Although bluebells never grow in mid-summer, the scenes have always evoked a Mid Summer Night's Dream for me. Which I why I named the post Love in Idleness, the name of the flower Puck is sent to find. I imagine it would have looked like the dark purple wild orchids we captured between the bluebells. I have wanted to shoot in the bluebell woods for sometime but I always felt it needed to be a magnificent outfit to stand up to the setting. When Razan Alazzouni approached me I knew it was the perfect opportunity to shoot something special.  The dress was almost theatrical in it's beauty.
What I'm Wearing

Dress Razan Alazzouni (sample)

Hair Clip Colette Malouf (gifted)

 Ballet Pumps Zara

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