Elderflower Berry Jelly Terrine

Cold PuddingSweet
This Jelly Terrine is the perfect dinner party conclusion. It's so pretty and it can be prepped well in advance to allow you to worry over your main course on the night instead.
What you'll need

Two Pomegranates
Two punnets Raspberries
½ pint Elderflower Syrup
½ pint Boiling Water
1 pint Fizzy Water
2 packets Gelatine
Pink Food Colouring


To make the Jelly

  1. Take a terrine tin and line it with cling film (this is only necessary if the tin has loose edges which the liquid can escape through).
  2. Mix half the Elderflower Syrup and half the hot water with one packet of Gelatine and let melt in,  whisking every now and again to ensure it dissolves completely.
  3. Fill the terrine with a third of the Fruit.
  4. Pour half the Fizzy Water into the Gelatine syrup mix and then the whole thing over the fruit in the terrine tin.
  5. Allow at least 4 hours in the fridge for the gelatine to set. (Normally I do this in the evening and let it set over night.)
  6. Place existing layer in the freezer for about 10mins before you pour the next layer on the top to stop it from melting from the heat.
  7. Mix the remaining half of Syrup and hot water with Gelatine as before, when it has dissolved add the fizzy water and Food Colouring to make a deep pink.
  8. Add another third of the Fruit to the terrine tin and then pour the second half of the Gelatine mix over the top.
  9. Return to the fridge and refrigerate for 4 hours to set.

Get it out

  1. Once the terrine is set, remove it from the fridge and place the jelly on a serving plate.  If you cling filmed the tin just place the plate over the top and flip the tin over with the plate (like a lid), remove the tin and then carefully peel the cling film off the jelly.
  2. If you didn’t use cling film, boil some water and pour it into a bowl, dip the terrine tin into this for 5 second intervals until you can see the jelly coming away from the side a tiny bit.  Then take the serving plate and place it over the top, flip it all over  (you might need to give it a good shake and tap) you will hear the jelly pop out onto the plate, then you can remove the tin. This bit can be a bit nerve racking if you haven’t done it before but be firm and brave. It will be fine.