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Layers of silk organza. The most peaceful light there is.

Don’t let winter hold you back. It’s so easy to get all caught up in coats and layers to protect from the cold, but if you’re invited to dinner it’s really an opportunity to wear a lovely outfit underneath those layers. Try a floor length detail for added drama. I will be wearing this lovely Ta Marbota coat for Christmas supper. It’s design is almost like reverse snow with the lovely sequin details. ¬†It’s light and comfortable but really has a sense of special occasion about it. Perfect for a bridal or baby shower too! I think it’s important to keep your accessories light when you wear something full length, so I have gone for this little wallet bag from Chanel. For clean lines stay within one colour or neutral tones, so that you’re not overwhelmed by the volume of fabric. Something with a beautiful sleeve detail like this will also break the silhouette up.

Coat Ta Marbota

Bag Chanel

Trousers Keepsake

Shoes Casadei

Camisole Wacoal

Mani Ruuby App


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