Chicken, Ginger and Mayonnaise Fingers

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This is a Lim family classic tea party favourite.  We have been making them for years and I’m still not bored of them.  It’s an unusual flavour combination, that’s sweet, sour and savoury.  You can use regular Mayonnaise or home-made and it will be delicious too.

What you'll need
For the Sandwiches

Sliced Poached Chicken
Sliced White Bread
Salted Butter
Kewpie Mayonaise
Small Bunch of Dill
White Pepper
Packet of Sushi Ginger

To make a hollow presentation loaf

Crusty Loaf of Bread
Sharp Bread Knife

These are general proportions depending on how many you make. You can calculate them these general guidelines…

It will take around a tbsp of Kewpie Mayonnaise, a sprig of dill, 2 tbsp of Sushi Ginger and half a chicken breast per sandwich.

Now hollow your loaf

I like to present them in a hollowed out loaf. Make the breadcrumbs with the spare bread and keep them in the freezer for future recipes.

  1. Cut the top inch off the loaf in one piece.
  2. Then slice a square into the top of the open loaf leaving an inch boarder around the crust.
  3. Slice the white middle of the loaf to make it easier to pull out (this is what you will make breadcrumbs out of).
  4. The sliced fingers should now fit perfectly into the loaf.