Mini Scotch Eggs

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Making mini scotch eggs is both fun and rewarding.  The results are always yummy no matter how they come out looking.  The most important thing to remember when you make these is that you need to make sure there is as little air as possible between the egg and meat.  If there are pockets of air these will expand as they are heated, breaking the casing open.  I really recommend the japanese pre-made breacrumbs for these, but you can make your own with stale bread and a food processor.  Remember you want to be able to tell its bread, don’t over blend and make yummy smelling sand.
What you'll need
6 Quails Eggs
454g packet of Sausage Meat (empty the meat from the cases if you cant find the meat alone)
1 Cup Breadcrumbs
⅓ Cup of Plain Flour
1 Egg (beaten)
Pepper and Celery Salt
  1. Boil the eggs but lowering into simmering water for 5 mins.
  2. Remove, allow to cool (I hurry them up by putting them in ice water), then peel.
  3. Mix the sausage meat with the salt and pepper.  It is nice to add your own choice of herbs and spices at this stage.  This will obviously depend on the kind of sausage meat you bought.  I recommend trying finely chopped sage and a sprinkle of cumin.
  4. To wrap the eggs in meat, I find it is best to make a flat circle of meat in your hands, then place the egg in the middle and wrap the meat around (all in the palm of your hand, keep them wet with water to stop the meat from sticking too much). Press the meat firmly to ensure there are no air pockets or wholes in the meat wrapping.
  5. Roll the meat covered egg in the seasoned plain flour and dust off.
  6. Then dip them in the beaten egg, allowing the excess to drip off.
  7. Finally roll them in the breadcrumbs till they are completely coated.
  8. Fry these little gems at 190 in a deep fat fryer (or in a pan with enough oil to cover the eggs completely).  Once the eggs have turned a dark golden brown they will be done. This should take about 10mins.  Remove them and lay them out too cool and drain on paper towel.
  9. Finally sprinkle with chopped parsley or celery salt, or both!