Burrata, Pear and Endive Plates

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This dish requires a good knife and good ingredients and that is all. Perfect for summer lunches and late al fresco supper parties.
What you'll need
Serves 2 as a Starter

1 Green Williams Pear
1 Burrata (or Buffallo Mozzarella)
1 Endive Bulb
2 Spring Onions (or a large salad onion)
2 Tbsp Good Olive Oil
Fennel leaves for decoration


Slice and Asemble

This recipe requires no cooking at all. It is just a matter of slicing and presentation.

  1. Open your Burrata and let it come to almost room temperature on the serving plate while you prepare the other ingredients.
  2. Scatter the Endive leaves, you can either slice them lengthways to create fans exposing the centre or just pull the individual leaves off.
  3. I like to slice the Pear in half and retain one side, then finely slice the other half and create a pile of thin slices along side a whole half pear on the plate.
  4. Finely slice your Onion and sprinkle them over the top of everything.
  5. Drizzle the Olive Oil over the whole plate and finish with a sprig of Fennel leaves and a good amount of black pepper.