Avocado Mousse

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This recipe is wonderfully versatile. It's great for summer Lunches and Picnics, as you can make a big bowl and let everyone dig in. Or it can make a really pretty starter (perfect for before your turkey this Christmas), I made little quenelles and served it with fresh crab, mayonnaise and brioche. The other way I love to use this recipe is as a Canapé. I did a little plate of the options I like to make. The smoked salmon parcels tied with chives are my favourite! The eggs make the mix lighter if you want a "proper" mousse texture, however without the eggs you still get a lovely light pate texture.  In the images I haven't used eggs but I have tried it and it's lovely. You can see the mousse texture here on the original recipe!
What you'll need

Serves 4-5 as a starter or makes approximately 15 as a canapé

Two Large Avocados
1 Lime (zest and ½ juice)
100g Cream Cheese
Salt and Pepper
2tsp Gelatine Powder
1 Egg White (optional)