Sealing Christmas Presents

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Hopefully you have all finished doing your christmas shopping and managed to wrap everything which is now sitting under your beautifully decorated tree (snaps to you!), if however you’re somewhat flawed like the rest of us, here is my christmas wrapping I hope to inspire you to get everything done.

I have always loved sealing wax but struggled with getting it to melt enough to get the size I wanted (if you know how to do this please leave a comment below!) but I recently discovered this amazing sealing wax gun. It’s basically a glue gun, but for sealing wax, annoyingly you do have to buy their ‘wax’ you can’t use existing sticks you might have. Although it does allow you to effortlessly produce large seals like I have included on my wrapping this year. I both love and hate it. Mostly love (just with a empty wallet).

If you want to see previous years wrapping you can see last years, the year before and the one before that!

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