My Favorite Photographer


When I see good editorial, I think wow I wanna be that girl… actually more than that… I WANT those clothes, and take me to that fairy land right now. Well no one does fairyland photography quite like Mr Tim Walker. I just LOVE his work. I think he is a genius. I went to his exhibition at the design museum in London a couple of years ago and they had all the props from his most famous shoots… like the massive glove! It was fabulous… So I thought I would share some my favourite photographs with you.

When I was at the exhibition I really wanted to buy his beautiful book, its huge and glossy and just inspires that child like – ‘I WANT IT!!!!’ – however as with all things book-like and wonderful it was terribly expensive and I just couldn’t justify it.

However I am lucky enough to have fabulous friends… and my next birthday the wonderful Row – of PRP – gave it to me!!!
I say I have wonderful friends – as in plural – because another wonderful and life long friend of mine, Toma, recently managed to have the book signed… she was working with Mr Tim Walker at a telephones length and managed to get the book to him to sign!!!
So you see me and Mr Walker have been bound by his lovely book and my amazing friends.


  1. That’s awesome! His work is amazing and so are your friends. Cheers!


  2. susan says:

    thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures and your story behind it. it was really wonderful to know that you and and mr. tim walker have been bound
    by his book and your friends. i’ve been following your own blog, as well as the first one, you have amazing friends because YOU, yourself, are an amazing person. keep up the good work. xo2

  3. Roxy Te says:

    I love Tim Walker too!

  4. Peony says:

    So glad there are other Tim Walker fans out there… he is simply wonderful. Do go out and look in the book if you cant buy it, because it really is a wonderful monograph.