Digging for Treasure in Redbourn

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This was another of my mystery project trips to antiques fairs! - See the other trip HERE! -  I actually indulged myself in a non-work related purchase, which was the clear perspex and chrome french chairs in photo 4.


  1. LvT says:

    i want to go to a fair now 🙂 looks so fun ♥

  2. s says:

    very nice pics 😉

    STREET DIARY: The HEAD DRAPPED http://magmoiselle.fr

  3. Anonymous says:

    i love your blog and i love your style!!
    i love the vintage bag..Do you know the italian brand Il Bisonte? i’m sure you’ll love it..It’s in your style!!

  4. Love these pics! I find amusing the history besides all these objects! Is it Redbourn far away from London? I would love going someday there!!
    Nice to meet u!

  5. Peony says:

    LvT – google it and do it! You will love it!

    s – Thanks I hope my camera skills are improving a very little!

    Anonymous – Thank you really hope you keep reading and enjoying it! I dont know it, I will have a little google.

    Isabel Bianchi – No its about an hour and a half. Have a look online when the next meet is.

    Joys – totals!