Which Lash?


The big question! When facing an up coming event or just life, what you do to your lashes makes a big difference. When I was planning my wedding I wanted to make sure I was going to get exactly the look I wanted, so I tested everything and I wanted to share my results with you!

Bare Lashes

I was recommend lash serums by Kay Montano.  I apply Revitalash every evening after my face moisturiser. I really recommend that you use it consistently for 6 weeks in a row to see results. You really have to use it every night for 6 weeks to see a change. After that you can miss a couple of days if you’re travelling or forget. I have used Rapid Lash too and that worked well for me, but my current favourite is Revitalash. Apart from length, I also find it helps make my lashes curl and hold better.

Curled Bare Lashes

Curling your lashes is vital for every single lash look. As a half Chinese person my lashes are beyond straight. As you can see comparing with the photo above, curling makes a huge difference to how much lash you actually see. The curlers I recommend are the Shiseido.


I could do a whole post just on mascara’s (I’m actually thinking about it, so let me know if thats interesting to you). Different mascara’s produce completely different lash looks. However for this I used Diorshow Extase. It’s a volumising mascara that really builds up. Its great for a chunky look. You can see in comparison to the photo above how much depth of colour it has added to my lashes.

Mascara and Individual Fake Lashes

A lot of people go with individual fake lashes. The best ones are knot-free so that you don’t see the join at the bottom of your lash line as visibly when you blink or shut your eyes. They are by far the easiest lashes to apply if you’re a beginner. I recommend the Ardell ones or very fine lash fans (I get them on Amazon). I don’t like the look of the knots, so I only use them in still shoots, not for events. The glue I recommend is Duo.

Mascara and Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are a very popular and affordable option. Personally, I don’t think on my face they suit me. They are too ‘fake’ looking on me. However they are really fun for a costume party or if you love a really bold look. Look for lashes like the Ardell ones that have clear strips to make them disguise into your natural lashes better. For me they don’t add any more length than mascara (as my lashes are long from Revitalash) but they make my lashes very even and dense. It can be a good compromise to cut strip lashes in half and apply the short half to your outer lashes, this is quite easy to do. The glue I recommend is Duo.

Bare Lashes and Fresh Individual Lash Extensions

Individual lash extensions or Russian lashes. There are lots of different techniques for this. I went to ‘London’s Lash Queen’ Daxita Vaghela at Harvey Nichols to have these applied. She is incredibly fast (it took about an hour) and very charming. I prefer a more natural look so I asked for a little less than she does for other people. I was amazed by the dramatic effect they created. It thickens your lashes so much. Again it didn’t add much length (but there are different length options) as on me, any longer and they would have brought my lashes too close to my brow. But it did make them very dense, even and curled. The only downside to them is that you can’t use oil cleanser or apply too much other eye makeup close to them. For me that was a deal breaker, as you know I’m obsessed with Eve Lom cleanser and I love to try different makeup looks. Below are some photos of them at different angles just after I had them done so you can really see what they looked like from different angles.

Individual Lash Extensions after a Week

Lash extensions do shed over time, because your natural lashes fall out with them attached, however well applied you can’t stop this process. I wanted to share the difference after a week of the extensions too, so that you could work out the optimum time to have yours applied before an event. I know a lot of people who have them done before they go on holiday, which makes a lot of sense. You don’t want to apply mascara in the sun as much and they last well for one or two weeks. After that you do need infills. I almost preferred them towards the end when they were much ‘thinner’. The only thing I did find was that I had to wear full face makeup with them to make my face look balanced. Otherwise the lashes just looked too separate from the rest of my face.

My best Mascara choices

GUERLAIN La Petite Robe Noire Mascara is great for clean length without clumps.

DIOR Diorshow Extase is great for a dramatic volumised look.

Sensai Base 38C is an amazing primer and when combined with their 38C Volumising Mascara it’s a winning combination.

Clinque Bottom Lash is the best bottom lash mascara I have used.

My favourite fake lashes

Individual Lashes from Ardell or Amazon are best.
Strip lashes from Ardell or Eylure are both great.
It’s universally accepted that the best glue is Duo.


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