Roses are Red


Red, the colour of passion. The perfect colour to celebrate Valentine’s day with. Timeless red rubies and roses. I so excited to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with Fabergé.

Romance is about passion, but it’s also about enduring love, building something together. I love the idea of Valentine’s Day presents reflecting that.  Red rubies are undoubtedly the colour of passion. These beautiful rings from Fabergé can help you to build a collection that reflects your memories together. Whether that’s to celebrate your first six months together, your wedding anniversary, valentines day or the birth of a child, you can stack up all your memories with these lovely mementos. They look chic stacked or on their own. A combination of bands and rings or all one style. You can make them totally your own. Choose colours that reflect you and your love. Fabergé are making the Three Colours of Love collection in Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires, all surrounded with either rose or white gold. The detail that goes into the setting and design of every Fabergé piece means that they last the test of time. I love the detail of the small diamond set under the Rubies. It’s such a beautiful detail. Like love, it’s the things that only you know about that make it exceptional.


The Fabergé Rings Featured…

Ruby Pave Rose Gold Fluted Ring
Fabergé Ruby Rose Gold Fluted Ring
Pave Diamond Ruby Fluted Ring
Ruby Rose Gold Fluted Band
Diamond Rose Gold Fluted Band
White Gold Fluted Band
Rose Gold Fluted Band

I’m wearing a vintage dress.