Natural Brilliance


Natural beauty is my ultimate aspiration. To look like you just got out of bed looking effortlessly perfect. Sadly for me that isn’t a reality, so I try and wear make-up that assimilates this, by wearing as little natural make-up as I can.  Although I love a red lip, for me it always goes with bare skin. I don’t really go for outlandish clothes or accessories anymore either. I used to love costume pieces but more and more I love the look and feel of natural things against my skin. Silk, cotton and cashmere and are my favourite natural fibres. I love both yellow and white gold jewellery too and a diamond is the cherry on the top of everything.  I love these effortless De Beers pieces for everyday natural brilliance, so when they asked me to create a natural beauty story I jumped at the chance.

All Jewellery De Beers

Shirt Thomas Pink

Scarf Massimo Dutti

Glasses Ottica Mantovani

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