The Perfect Carry-On Bag

The perfect Carry-On bag is a constant pursuit for me. You want it to match your outfit, your luggage and be practical. Tricky. It's hard enough to find travel shoes, that are easy to remove, require socks and are comfortable.

The first thing I notice about a traveller is their Carry-On bag. Even before their outfit! I think it has to sum up your style. I have always looked at those professional travellers that have only mini Valextra or Rimowna wheely cases and wondered at their ability to be so organised and civilised, also how do they get something in and out during the flight? I must be missing something. I have found a mini wheely only works for tech kit (I put my laptop, camera, lenses, iPad etc. in mine) as I don’t intend to open the case until I arrive at my next destination. Being a woman flying is massively easier as we are allowed a ‘Handbag’ and a ‘Carry-On’ so I often take full advantage of this. Using a small wheely for my heavy things and then a large handbag (with a sneaky small one inside), often I layer Hermes Birkins or Goyard.  I normally want my Birkin with me when I arrive (although I love my celine bags I find them too heavy for travel) and Goyard is fabulously light and can double as a beach or sightseeing bag. For the wheely I use an LV, Rimowna or a tiny Tumi. I pack a large cashmere scarf, in the bottom of the larger handbag along with travel necessities (like headphones, water, my plastic bag of liquids and a hairbrush) then I use the smaller handbag as I would normally.  I find this keeps things much simpler when you get on the plane, as you know exactly where to find what you need for the flight.

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