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If you follow me on Twitter you will know that Pete was horrified by this outfit.  I believe his first statement was… “Are you really going outside dressed like that?”.  Others that followed included “You look like a nurse, not in a good way?”, he then proceeded to download a photo reference for me.  Now I’m a big believer in wearing things to make yourself happy.  This outfit even with all its ManRepelling characteristics makes me happy.  I love the combination of blues.  I just love blue and these are almost buttery.
Plus although I’m not a big trend person, I think the PJ trend was genius… anything allowing you to wear pjs and look in style is ok with me.  Hope your with me fellow happy dressers and ManRepellers!  p.s. One of pete comments was also that I looked like a tea set, so the picture below is me doing my best teapot impression.  Hope you enjoy it!  Just a little something to brighten up your Monday.

Shoes Isabel Marant

Blue Pyjama Set from Ho Chi Minh

Denim Jacket vintage Levis

Bag Louis Vuitton

Fur Detail from Seoul

Scarf from DKNY (via T.K.Maxx)

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