Lazy Afternoons

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It sounds simple but recently I have completely fallen back in love with reading. It helps me get away from screens before bed, learn new things and relax. I love reading on airplanes, previously I found it so tempting to watch movies I would never invest time in at home, but somehow on a plane it felt like the thing to do. Just reading on flights has helped be finish so many books. I have also decided to leave behind my previous book snobbery. I used to only want to read booker prize winning authors or classics. I felt like taking the time to read meant that you should read quality, but now I see things differently, all reading offers something and I now would rather read a ‘trashing’ novel than watch rubbish tv. So I have for the first time enjoyed the work of Jilly Copper and more recently the seductively addictive Kevin Kwan. I’ve just stared Woman Code after being recommended it.

Books I've Loved

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Tracy Chevalier

As a late teen this was one of my favourite books and I still the love the story, I think it helped me fall in love with art (and probably influenced by degree – in Art History). It’s really the most subtle of love stories. There is nothing sordid or graphic about it, it’s all about the tiny moments, the un-uttered feelings and the near misses.

The Life of Pi

Yan Martel

 This wonderful tale keeps you engrossed but even through it’s bizarre fiction, there are moments of real feeling and truth. The relationship with self and fantasy as a means of survival, set this book apart from light weight fiction.