Fig Parcels

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These little gems are one of my go-to recipe.  I thought of the recipe on a whim really when I had the things in the fridge and it just seemed to make sense.  Having cooked parma ham on the top of tarts I knew that it would make a delicious crisp case for the sweet and creamy centre.  I like to serve these as a starter with a rocket salad or with the cheese course. They also re-heat well so make a couple spare and have one for lunch the next day.
What you'll need

4 Figs
120g (One packet) of soft goats cheese (cream cheese or ricotta will also work if you don’t like goat)
One packet of Parma Ham (8 slices, 2 per fig)
A small brunch of Thyme
Pepper and Salt
Truffle Honey (normal honey is also great, you can chop some thyme up and mix it into it for an extra dimension)
Household string
Waxed or greaseproof paper

  1. Set the oven to 180ºC (200ºC for non fan ovens).
  2. Cut the stalk off the fig and then slice 2/3 of the the way down the fig in a cross shape.
  3. Pull these four sections apart a little to make room for the cheese.
  4. Lay out two slices of Parma ham to make a cross shape and place the cut fig in the middle.
  5. Stuff as much cheese in as you can manage, honestly the more the better, but try and keep it all inside the fig. I use my fingers and a teaspoon to do this.
  6. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper on the top.
  7. Bring the inner slice of ham together around the Fig to make a little parcel, then do the same with the second layer. Keep the spare ham collected in a bunch so that you can tie string around.
  8. Its easier to use a slightly longer piece of string then you need then cut the ends off, I go around twice, but try not to be too tight, when cooked the ham with shrink and then you might not be able to get the string off to eat it! I also add a little sprig of thyme to each piece of string to add flavour and a decorative touch.
  9. Bake the wrapped figs for 20mins or until they look crisp and a little browned.
  10. I like to just remove the string and then allow my guests to put their own honey on top.
If your a vegi

If you want to make the vegetarian version just replace the ham with a square piece of baking paper.