Chateau du Grand Luce

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The Chateau of dreams. I spent a few days here to celebrate my belated 30th birthday and I couldn't wait to share it with you.
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The Chateau

The Chateau dates from 1760-64 and it is said that the original patron died of a heart attack when he first saw it complete because it was so beautiful. His daughter then inherited it and was so loved by the locals that she was spared the guillotine during the french revolution, after inviting the villagers to come and live with her following a local fire.

When the PR for the Chateau got in touch with me and said they would love to host me and had the ability to host parties – instantly I thought of my most recent missed party opportunity – my 30th birthday. Having got married a month or so before I turned 30, we decided it just wasn’t the summer to have a big birthday party too. Fortunately we had come to that conclusion, since Matthew then got appendicitis on Honeymoon and would have been in so much discomfort at that time. So I was half heartedly thinking I would still like to do something and maybe an end of 30th birthday would be a fun idea.

The Chateau’s timing was perfect. They fully embraced what I wanted to create and we set forth planning the events and guest list for the weekend. I filled the house with 20 guests for a series of activities. But before they arrived I wanted to capture the beautiful Chateau, so you would be able to get an idea of what you would be able to rent should you like to ( I also created some fashion stories which will be coming soon). The stunning flower arrangements were all done my my darling mother with flowers from the Chateau gardens.

It’s currently available for weddings and parties, shoots and short term rentals. However they are in the process of turning the space into a hotel. They are nearly finished creating a stunning little spa and gym, a restaurant and bar will follow. They are taking bookings from 2019 onwards.

Chateau du Grand Luce

Chateau du grand luce

The grounds

The beautiful grounds include a large formal garden and cutting garden, orangery and green houses. The pool, based on its predecessor, a reflecting pool, is round and simple, just perfect amongst the opulence of the rest of the grounds. There are lots of areas to entertain. With the ballroom (converted stable) and chandeliers in the formal gardens ready for an impromptu party at anytime! The stable was used as a cinema by the locals between the wars and during the second world war, the space under the stage was used to hide works of art from the Louvre collection.

The Bedrooms

The bedrooms are mostly across one floor and are stunningly decorated, each totally different with it’s own feeling and atmosphere. There were several darker more masculine rooms, which are lovely but it was too dark to do them justice in photos, so you will have to explore them yourselves! I stayed in the first room below, you will be able to tell which one because my birkin is on the bed. As far as I remember all the bedrooms are ensuite and lead off a central gallery.

Thank yous

A huge thank you to Matthew for driving Kit and I down early and helping us shoot despite his phone going off the hook with his work.

Thanks also to Kit for working so hard all weekend to create the stunning photos.

Thank you always to my mother for coming early to give all her creative input and for creating all the stunning floral arrangements which the whole weekends excitements were centered around.

Thank you to all my guests for making the trip out to celebrate with me.


Thank you to the lovely Chateau for hosting me and my guests for such a spectacular weekend.